1917 WWI Jerusalem retaken by British General Edmund Allenby a story read by Kimberly K Ballard! - YouTube

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Kimberly reads this very short excerpt from the book "Hidden prophecies in the Psalms" telling a little bit of the story of British General Edmund Allenby, with his soldiers, retaking the city of Jerusalem in 1917 during WWI. Psalm 17 foreshadowed these events of 1917, and this excerpt by no means relays the entire historical record of these events. This video was just filmed only two days before the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI! Wow! J.R. Church wrote this book "Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms," and here in Psalm 17, he relates how the year 1917 was prophetically pictured in the retaking of Jerusalem by General Allenby and his soldiers, using the newly created war airplanes early in the 20th Century. It is truly fascinating, and so appropriate to remember this prophetic event, for this anniversary of the end of WWI. Remembering all soldiers who bravely fought in WWI, and who have fought in every war. God bless you! Here is a link to the late J.R. Church's book

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